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101 Another Website: http://www.geni.com/family-tree/index/6000000002657891418
MUSÆUS, Johannes Carlsen (I659)
102 Arkansaw Memorial Cemetery LONGSDORF, Anna Elizabeth (I4488)
103 Army
MUSEUS, Melvin Oscar (I226)
104 Army of the United States. Honorable Discharge. , National Archives Record Group 37308522. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C. Source (S209)
105 As related by information from Barabara Marek:

Thomas Sr was born about 1813 in Ireland. is oldest son James, said he was born in Sligo, so Thomas is most likely from there as well. There is no marriage record for Thomas and Sarah. Her family name was found on the death certificate of their daughter Mary Ann Maxwell McCannna.
THE RENVILLE COUNTY HISTORY OF 1915 has reference to Thomas Sr on page 445 "...Thomas and Sarah Maxwell, first located in Chicago and then moved to a farm seven miles from Waukegan (IL). The following children were born to them in the United States: Thomas Jr, Mathew, John, Mary, Margaret, Bridget, and Sarah." James Maxwell, their oldest child, was three weeks old when the family left Ireland, about 1831/1835.

Thomas andhis family are on the 1850 federal census in the Lake Co. Il. Town of Warren, p. 169 line 172. they are on the 1860 census in Waukegan, IL. Lake Co. p. 112. And the 1870 census City of Waukegan Ward 2.

Sarah Maxwell died 18 Aug 1872 in Waukgean, Il. Thomas moved to Minnesota where several of his children had located. He was living in the osehold of hs daughter, Mary Ann McCanna, in Hector, Mn, Renville Co. in 1880. Later he lived with his son James Maxwell, in Camp Township, Renville Co MN. Thomas Maxwell Sr died 10 April 1891 and is buried in St Andrew's Cemetery near Fairfax, MN.

Note Barbara contacted St Joseph Catholic Church in Waukegan IL. but they had no record of Sarah's death or burial from their parish. 
MAXWELL, Thomas (I56)
106 Ashwood Health Care Center TOUPAL, Albina Blanche (I946)
107 Aure Prestegård NORMAN, Ole Anton (I830)
108 Austria, German Bohemia CHUPEK, Marie (I15)
109 Austria/Bohemia SOULEK, Josephina (I319)
110 Austria/Bohemia TOUPAL, Jozef (I318)
111 Author: Den norske kirke
Title: Kirkebok for Vinger 1751 - 1772
Abbrev.: Kirkebok for Vinger 1751-1772
Publication: Kongsvinger, Vinger og Austmarka Historielag/2001
Page 32 side 840
SIGFRIDSSON, Henrik (I3932)
112 Author: Den norske kirke
Title: Kirkebok for Vinger døpte 1689 - 1729
Abbrev.: Kirkebok for Vinger døpte 1689 - 1729
Publication: Kongsvinger, Vinger og Austmarka Historielag/1999
P71 nr 1374 
HANSDATTER, Ingrid (I3935)
113 B Walter's Churchyard Family F1477
114 Baptism
Asker Asker 1830
First name Sex Baptism date Birth date
Carolina Maria k 250830 15.07.1830 E
Johannes Musæus Adjunct Asker Præstegaard
Alette Johanne Norman Asker Præstegaard
E: Døbt i A. K. Moren er født Norman.
Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC), The Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tromsø N-9037 Tromsø, NORWAY
Updated: May 4th 2008 
MUSEUS, Caroline Maria (I818)
115 Baptism
Previous record - Next record
Municipal ParishRegisterNr/Name Year Church/place
Asker Asker 1823
First name Sex Baptism date Birth date Legitimate/Illegitimate
Johannes Musæus m 271223 28.12.1823 E
Fathers First name Last name Employment Domicile Age/Birth year
Nils Norman Præst og Sognepræst Asker Præstegaard
Mothers First name Last name Employment Domicile Age/Birth year
Aletta Kirstina Musæus Asker Præstegaard
K: i Asker kirke. E: Moren er født Musæus.
Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC), The Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tromsø N-9037 Tromsø, NORWAY
Updated: May 4th 2008 
NORMAN, Johannes Musæus (I3957)
116 Barron County News Shield. Wisconsin. Source (S216)
117 Barron County Shield. Wisconsin.

Copy of page 
Source (S191)
118 Barron County Shield. Wisconsin.

January 25, 1917 
Source (S192)
119 Barselfeber (Childbed fever) JENSDATTER, Christiane (I4379)
120 Based on age in 1672/3 depositions.  SOULE, George (I521)
121 Batch C423781 Birth/Christening Record. LDS Film #127585 P. 168 #14 5 July 1840 Christian Frederik ... 25 July 1841 ... Ingeborg Cathrine Andersdt. ... Hans Bosen Museus. ... Marie Nielsdr. Jorgen Orme... Thor Stren Ole Jacobsen

Christening Record for Christian Frederik Hansen, http://www.familysearch.org/ Langestrand, Larvik, Vestfold, Norway, 25 July 1841, Hans Boesen Museus Ingeborg Cathrine Andersdr. https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/N4JK-SBD and
MUSEUS, Christian Frederik (I2402)
122 Because of the economy and lack of enough land in Switzerland, the citizens solution was to develop a new Swiss colony with each family receiving twenty acres of land. In 1845, they sent two scouts from Glarus to the United States of America to find a place similar to their community in Glarus. The two men found a place in Green County, Wisconsin and went back to Glarus, Switzerland to get their friends and family. Later that year, they all immigrated to Wisconsin and named their town "New Glarus".

Over the years people continued to emigrate to "Little Switzerland". In 1864, after suffering through drought and famine back in Switzerland, Esajus and Margareth Stauffacher along with their six children also decided to make New Glarus their home. Their oldest daughter, Barbara, is my great-great-great grandmother. She was born December 30, 1854 in Matt, Glarus, Switzerland and lived to be ninety-five years old.  
STAUFFACHER, Barbara (I43)
123 Before 1756 BAKER, Sarah (I699)
124 Before 1790 WEST, Peter (I698)
125 Before 22 May 1627 SOULE, Zachariah (I455)
126 Bethesda Nursing Home TOUPAL, Rose (I13)
127 Birgitha Jensine Balling
Norway Burials 1666-1927 Film 1282976  
LARSDATTER, Mariane Jensine Birgitte (I4559)
128 Birth not found in Digital Archives Trondheim records for 1722. HOE, Barthold (I2396)
129 Birth not found in Digital Archives Trondheim records for 1729. HOE, Anna Dorothea (I2398)
130 Birth Record from Digital Archives Parish Register copy
MUSEUS, Halvor Ferdinand (I191)
131 Birth Record.

Source Medium: Church Record
Source (S32)
132 Birth Record. LDS, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Source (S99)
133 Block 20 Part A Grave 111 #4096 (no stone found) should be next to Harriet Lee 3rd row in from road HANSEN, Engebret (I20)
134 Born 8 March 1631/2 - 5 July 1632 (based on age in 1672/3 depositions)  SOULE, John (I520)
135 Born after father's death JUULSEN, Ronnaug (I3622)
136 Born in Tyskland on 1690. MUSÆUS, Carl (I766)
137 Brant Cemetery WEST, John B. (I2188)
138 Brant Cemetery Eliza A. West 1842-1926 STETSON, Eliza A (I1088)
139 Burial Record, discussion list. http://www.disnorge.no/gravminner/bilde.php?id=469031.

Slettet. 2002, Square 5, Row B, Grave #009. Borsa Cemetery, Skaun, Sor Trondelag 
Source (S174)
140 Burial Source: Author: Den norske kirke
Title: Kirkebok for Vinger 1751 - 1772
Abbrev.: Kirkebok for Vinger 1751-1772
Publication: Kongsvinger, Vinger og Austmarka Historielag/2001
21 nr. 563 Died
141 Burial:
Date: 28 MAY 1708
Place: Midtskog Annexkirkegård, Matrand, Eidskog, Vinger, Hedmark

Birth Note: Det opereres med flere fødselsår på Sigfrid. Hvilket som er riktig vet vi ikke.

Individual Note:

"Sifri Sifrisen Immigration Dendane skoug kaldis Løfhøyden Tue 42 years gammell. Barneføed UDI Sweden af findske parents UDI Brunskoug parish. Come till Winger Sogn senist developing peace olds och hafuer boed Immigration Dendane skoug Løfhøyden Immigration femb aarstiid, och relates that hafft call Braattebrug's breast nowhere huorsomhelst his werfader tilførn's breast nowhere shell hafue bøgt himself huuswerrelse. Huilchen skoug shell be permitted Klanderud, och Leone, which hannem otherwise war bewilgit af country gentleman Keep Spark Trandem. och GAF therefore tou Tønder Rouge. och now hafuer hand bøxslit Dendane gaard alminding Dendane 8 october anno 1685 effter desen widere indhold. relates that tax with the farm Klanderud Nember the treasure using 1 / 2 rdr., och særligi husleye 1 rdr. "
They had the 16 year old serving girl Kari Eskild daughter living with seg.163, 164 He was Farmer, In 1685 received Sigfred bygselseddel in half Almen None of Olaf Trandum in 1685 Almen Inga, Eidskog, Wings, Hedmark. He was living about 1700 Kråkfoss, Vestmarka Eidskog, Wings, Hedmark, Sigfred has probably moved to Kråkfoss around 1700. In 1708 was Sigfred Kråkfoss and His Syversen settings managed the council because of the fighting. How otherwise was the case, we do not know.

Translated in Google from:

"Sifri Sifrisen udi dend skoug kaldis Løfhøyden wed 42 aar gammell. Barneføed udi Sverig af findske foreldre udi Brunskoug sogn. Kom till Wingersogn senist u-freds aaringer och hafuer boed udi dend skoug Løfhøyden udi femb aarstiid, och beretter at hafft ringe Braattebrug dersammesteds huorsomhelst hans werfader tilførn dersammesteds skall hafue bøgt sig huuswerrelse. Huilchen skoug skall ligge till Klanderud, och Liøner, som hannem ellers war bewilgit af landherren Haldstenn trandem. Och gaf derfor tou tønder roug. Och nu hafuer hand bøxslit dend gaard alminding dend 8 october anno 1685 effter desen widere indhold. Beretter at skatte med gaarden Klanderud nemblig i skattens hjelp 1/2 rdr., och særligi husleye 1 rdr."
De hadde den 16 år gamle tjenestejenten Kari Eskildsdatter boende hos seg.163,164 Han was Gårdbruker; I 1685 fikk Sigfred bygselseddel på halve Almenninga av Hallstein Trandum i 1685 Almenninga, Eidskog, Vinger, Hedmark. Han was living cirka 1700 Kråkfoss, Vestmarka, Eidskog; Vinger, Hedmark; Sigfred har antakelig flyttet til Kråkfoss rundt 1700. I 1708 var Sigfred Kråkfoss og en Hans Syversen innstevnet på tinget på grunn av slossing. Hvordan det ellers gikk med saken, vet vi ikke.

Author: Den norske kirke
Title: Kirkebok for Vinger døde 1689 - 1729
Abbrev.: Kirkebok for Vinger døde 1689 - 1729
Publication: Kongsvinger, Vinger og Austmarka Historielag/1999
SIGFRIDSSON, Sigfrid (I3737)
142 Buried next to Eliza, but found no headstones. Lakewood Cemetery, Section A, Block 113, Lot 3, Grave 2. Lot is on corner.  HANDSHAW, Samuel (I47)
143 Buried next to Samuel, but found no headstones. Lakewood Cemetery, Section A, Block 113, Lot 3, Grave 1. Lot is on corner.  BOYCE, Eliza M. (I48)
144 Came to Minnesota from Pennsylvania at age 9. HANDSHAW, Samuel (I47)
145 Came to US with uncle.
Lived in Waukegan, Illinois
Lived in McGregor, Iowa in 1862.
Came to West Newton.
Came to Martinsburg, Renville County in 1878.
Moved to John Tompkins in 1881.
MCDERMOTT, Helen (I45)
146 Carl Eliason, 88, Burial 21 Nov 1975, Birth Mar 22, 1887 Scandinavia, Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA. Death Nov. 19, 1975 Brodhead, Green, Wisconsin, USA

Carl Eliason, 88, a former Scandinavia resident, died Wednesday while visiting in Brodhead. He lived in Juda for about the past 5 years.
Lutheran Church, Iola, will officiate. Burial will be in Scandinavia Cemetery. Visitation will be from noon until time of services at the funeral home.
Mr. Eliason was born March 22, 1887, in Scandinavia, a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Elias Eliason. He married Dorothy Norder on May 25, 1922, at Rockford, Ill. He lived in Madison until moving to Brodhead in 1935. He then moved to Juda.
During World War I he was a band sergeant in Gen. John J. Pershing's military band. He was with the United States Army in the Meuse-Argonne campaign in France. He is survived by his wife.

Family links:
Elias Marinius Eliasen (1842 - 1933)
Maren Andrea Mikkelson/Murat Eliasen (1851 - 1933)

Dorothy Ida Norder Eliason (1892 - 1985)* 
ELIASON, Carl John (I154)
147 Carl Fredrik Hansen
Buskerud county, Norderhov, Parish register copy nr. I 4 (1824-1849), Birth and baptism records 1847, page 430-431.
MUSEUS, Carl Fredrick (I190)
148 Carpenter, thin, small in stature, abt 5'6" , blue eyes, dark brown hair became prematurely grey HUGHES, Ernest Robert (I121)
149 Catholic MCDERMOTT, Helen (I45)
150 Catholic Cemetery VEJTRUBA, Vaclav Wenceslaus (I14)

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